Should Developers write?

”Start writing! Start writing! Start Writing!”

The same message is being pushed everywhere, but it is particularly prevalent in the developer community. The general consensus seems to be the same: If you are not writing, you are missing out on huge benefits.

If you are a frequent explorer of the blogosphere, surely you have heard the wild claims about the power of writing:

# Is writing as beneficial as people claim?

All the people making these claims have one thing in common: they are writers. Writing is a major aspect of their identity, which can lead to a natural bias. This bias is not unique to writing. For example, if you ask an avid surfer about surfing, I’m sure they will also tell you about the life-changing positive experiences enabled by the sport. But just because a fallacy exists does not mean that the underline arguments are invalid. The goal is to figure out your own personal truth regarding the matter. How will I do that?

One simple action will teach more than years of analysis

I’ve read enough about the benefits, it’s time to start writing. To do that, I launched this blog and plan to start documenting my learnings and thoughts online. Hopefully with some consistency.

# Experiment without expectations

Despite being hopeful of the benefits of digital writing, I do not obsess over them. I am approaching this practice with an experimentation mindset. There is no failing in that case — you either succeed or you learn.

Let the experiment begin 🧪